A black and white image of a man's back, water raining down, and fire coming up from the bottom.  Text reads: Like Water Catching Fire, E.M. Lindsey
Danny doesn't want money, he just wants to feel like he's making a difference, and Jamie isn't sure he deserves a chance to prove that.  But when it comes to love, they both have no control.
A touch averse sugar daddy and his touch starved sugar baby find miracles really do exist over the eight nights of Chanukah
A black and white torso of a man with a black background.  Text reads: Forget-Me-Not, E.M. Lindsey
Elijah knew better than to fall in love with his sugar daddy, but just as things began to feel stable, and accident robs him of his memories, and any hope of happiness he had left
a white man with a sleeve tattoo looking
None of these men know what will happen until they're standing on the other side of here.  A rip your heart out MMM Romance.
A Japanese man wearing sunglasses and a jean jacket is staring off to the side.  Background is ocean and palm trees faded.  Text reads: Endless Forever, E.M. Lindsey
Two separate worlds collide, and with it comes an impossible love.  But the past has sharp claws, and Oliver isn't sure he'll ever be worthy of Gabriel.
A pale man lying on his bed with his shirt off, hand covering part of his mouth.  Text rea
The love of his life just happens to also be the man who tried to mug him in an alley.  And for Alexei Gurgov, that's business as usual.