A broken tattoo artist and a Deaf florist— two men who couldn’t be more different— find peace in chaos through loving each other.

Sam has no time for love, and Niko has no patience for it, but fate doesn’t much care when it brings the two of them together.

After the death of his fiancé, Sage is certain he will never love again, but the universe has different ideas when it puts Will in his path.

When secrets become the core of who you are, it’s easy to think you haven nothing to offer, but Rowan sees something in James anyway—something he’s willing to risk his future for.

Life was simpler for Mat before his accident—when he was straight, and his memory was in tact, but he’s forced to confront the quiet parts of himself kept hidden away when the snarky, blind, French-Canadian steps right into his path and refuses to move.

Miguel has nothing if not a stubborn resolve for who he is, and he’s determined not to change for anyone.  Then Amit comes along and turns his world upside down.


Soren Green's life is content, working as a lawyer in Fairfield and helping others.  But his bleeding heart has always gotten him into trouble, and that's exactly what happens when the broken ex-con walks into town.

Colton Davidson found home and family in Fairfield, but he wants more than that.  He wants the older man who just rolled into town to see him as more than a messed up former system kid.  It's not that easy for Marcel, though, who knows he'll have to compromise every moral to give in to what he wants most--Colton.

Elliot Bethel is not an easy man to love, and he accepts that about himself.  But when the impossibly attractive new caretaker for Ted House walks through his office door, he might break his one rule-- never fall for a straight man.  For Arlo Bullock, he thought he had life figured out, but then he meets the grumpy veterinarian and he starts to question everything he's ever known about himself.


Both Noah and Adrian know what they want, the just don’t know how to get there.  Luckily for them, the Universe has some ideas.

Cole arrives stateside totally blind, trying to find where he belongs in life.  He certainly doesn’t expect the whirlwind that is Ryan, nor the sudden, invisible threat to those he loves most.

Freshly divorced, Rhys Anderson doesn’t have time for anything complicated, and that’s all Trevor really is— complicated.  But fate has a way of making even the most stubborn men fall prey to the truth.

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