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The last thing in the world I want to talk about is the pandemic, but it's unavoidable in so many ways because it's a part of our daily lives, and it's also responsible for how much change we all went through over the last year and a half.  Right now I have a handful of concerts for my kids sitting in a 'we might reschedule so no refunds yet' queue in spite of the fact that my fickle teenagers aren't even fans of them anymore.

And there have been book signings in specific that people counted on for not only getting to see their faves, but getting to see each other that have been pushed sometimes once, maybe even twice.  

I got into the world of social media and socializing as an author late in the game.  I've been published under various pen names since 2012, and firmly in the genre of MM romance since 2014, but I didn't even know things like GRL and RARE existed until 2019.  I missed out on a lot, and was excited to put my name on lists...

And then this part of life happened.

I was still extended invitations but I wasn't sure I was going to go.  Even now, the thought of going to a convention with people makes me sweat and shake a little, but I also know I'm ready.  I'm ready to meet friends, meet my own favorite authors, meet my readers.  Maybe even meet a stranger or two.

So when RARE asked me if I wanted to go to Edinburgh in 2022...I said yes.  And yesterday, when GRL asked me if I wanted to be a featured author...I said yes!  Which means that I will be in St. Louis the weekend of October 7th and 8th. 

I'll be putting up a pre-order form soon, first in my Facebook group, then wider as the event gets closer.  And I honestly can't wait to meet those of you who can come.

In other news, I have two new audiobooks that just released.  Without A Doubt-- which I'm excited to say hit #1 best seller in gay romance yesterday, released, read by the immensely talented Nick Hudson.  I'm so thrilled that I finally get to give you all Rhys and Carter's story, and I'm working my fingers to the bone to finish West and Jakob, who--fingers crossed--will be on both kindle and audible by mid to late August.

Lastly, Broken Wings just released on audio as well, and I have to say from the feedback, Logan Anare is quickly becoming a reader favorite for the darker, more gritty love stories.  I will be working on him with another project as well, a re-release of a series of mine and I'll be talking about that a little later once I have the new covers and a recording schedule.

But that's all I have for now.  Please feel free to check out these new releases, and if you're coming to either of these events, I can't wait to meet you!

RARE Edinburgh EM Lindsey
GRL featured author
Without A Doubt Cover
broken wings audio